High-tech toilet seat has a built-in nightlight for men to aim at

21st of February 2014
High-tech toilet seat has a built-in nightlight for men to aim at

A lavatory with a guide light to help male users aim more accurately at night has been unveiled by Kohler.

And the Nightlight toilet also has a second light to guide users to the toilet in the dark. It is being targeted at children, seniors and at anyone who struggles to get back to sleep after getting up in the night to use the toilet.

"Typically overhead lights are bright because daytime tasks call for well-lit spaces," said marketing manager for Kohler toilet seats Jerry Bougher. "But accessing the bathroom at night is a different story.

"One of the fastest ways to ruin your chances of getting back to sleep easily is to turn on a harsh, bright, overhead light in the bathroom. The Nightlight toilet seat offers a soft, non-disruptive alternative."

The guide light leads users to the correct area of their bathroom, at which point a 'task ligh' ensures that male users aim accurately. The light is set by the user to come on at dusk and will run for seven hours each night. Kohler claims it will run for seven months on four AA batteries, and the seat is detachable for easy cleaning.

Recent research has shown that LED screens can disrupt sleep patterns because they prevent the body from producing the hormone melanin, which responds to light and governs whether we feel sleepy or not.

However, one new study has found that these lights will not interfere with a good night's sleep if the brightness of the screen is lowered and the gadget is held around 12 inches away from the face.




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