Heated toilet removes the need for toilet paper

3rd of April 2014
Heated toilet removes the need for toilet paper

A new toilet with a built-in bidet function is claimed to eliminate the need for toilet paper.

The Neorest 750H also has a heated seat and a lid that automatically opens and closes. Made by lavatory manufacturer Toto, the 7,200 euros (US$ 10,000) toilet incorporates two stainless-steel spray nozzles that are said to provide "the ultimate in personal cleansing". The model also has a built-in warm-air dryer.

Other features include an in-bowl catalytic deodoriser to eliminate any unpleasant smells and an intelligent seat that "remembers" your daily routines. It then uses this information to mist the bowl before and after use.

Besides its comfort features, the Neorest 750H is claimed to be planet-friendly since it uses high-efficiency Cyclone dual-flush technology. This is said to require only one gallon of water per full flush and 0.8 gallon per light flush cycle. The system builds on Toto's patented Cyclone flushing technology that simultaneously releases two powerful water jets inside the bowl, creating a whirlpool effect that removes waste and cleans the bowl's surface and rim.

The flushing system is achieved with the aid of a reserve water tank and pumping system inside the toilet. This is not affected by the building's water pressure, according to Toto, which means that the same performance levels can be achieved in high-rise flats and upper-floor washrooms.

And the Neorest 750H is also said to be both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. The seat is placed exactly 17in off the floor to make it as comfortable as possible, and the bowl is glazed with a titanium dioxide coating and zirconium which provides it with an iridescent, mother-of-pearl finish.



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