Four person toilet snapped in NYC

5th of July 2016
Four person toilet snapped in NYC

A public toilet hidden in a stairwell of one of the world's most exclusive clubs has taken the meaning of ‘communal' to a whole new level.

The not-very-private four seater system has been built half way up a set of stairs leading from New York's Boom Boom Room to an outdoor rooftop.

The stairs are dimly lit and the door is hard to find but when you get inside it gets really confusing. Is this a unisex toilet? Have I had too much to drink and am seeing double? Would anyone actually use this?

If you do get over that initial embarrassment the views across the Hudson River are said to be stunning.

The Boom Boom Room, at the Standard Hotel, hosts some of the world's most exclusive A-list parties. In 2012 the hotel made headlines again for its washrooms - unsuspecting visitors had no idea the whole street could see them after floor to ceiling windows were installed.

Black waist-high curtains were fitted soon afterwards.


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