Fearless cleaners abseil down Europe's tallest building

19th of April 2012
Fearless cleaners abseil down Europe's tallest building

A group of very brave window cleaners have been spotted abseiling down the side of the Shard in London - Europe's tallest building - due to open in June.

The Shard stands a towering 310 metres tall and is fully clad in glass - that's an awful lot of window cleaning.

It will have 95 floors when it is finished next month and be tipped with a gleaming spire. Facilities will include a hotel, restaurant, viewing platform, flats and offices.

The building will offer uninterrupted 360-degree views of the capital, stretching for 40 miles in every direction.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the view from an observatory that will be 72 floors up.

Billed as a ‘vertical city', it will comprise offices up to floor 28, then three floors of restaurants; a five-star 19-storey hotel of 200 rooms; 10 apartments over 12 floors - each seven times larger than a semi-detached house and likely to fetch tens of millions of pounds each; and finally, the observatory and spire.




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