Exclusive toilet 'club' to open in New York

14th of March 2014
Exclusive toilet 'club' to open in New York

Private toilets with touch-free taps and frequently-cleaned baby changing stations are among the highlights of a new facility to be opened in New York.

POSH Stow and Go is seeking a limited number of 'members' to sign up to use its clean, soundproofed washrooms when visiting the city for shopping or sightseeing.

The first facility opens in June in Midtown Manhattan between Grand Central and Penn stations. Besides the soundproofed toilets, the POSH Stow and Go outlet will also offer storage lockers for large packages too inconvenient to carry around all day. There will be showers, laundry machines and a place to sit and relax as well.

According to company founder Wayne Parks: "I'm a germaphobe and I don't like dirty bathrooms, but these are great because they are cleaned after every use. POSH Stow and Go will also be a resting place for visitors who don't have homes or offices in Manhattan. And it's a place to drop something off if you're in a jam."

The facility will have a lounge area with wooden floors and couches plus phone-charging stations, and the toilets will have motion-sensored flushers and taps. Nursing stations for mothers may be added later. "Members" will pay a US$15 annual fee plus US$24 for three days' use.

If the Midtown location catches on this summer, the company will open another facility in lower Manhattan at a later date.



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