Electrolux surveys vacuuming around the world

14th of November 2013
Electrolux surveys vacuuming around the world

Did you know that, when vacuuming, 89 per cent of people globally vacuum for less than one hour, and of this group 43 per cent do it for less than 30 minutes?

That's according to the latest Electrolux Global Vacuuming Survey for 2013, an online survey of 28,000 consumers from 23 countries on their vacuum cleaning habits and preferences. Taking part in the survey were people from  Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Australia.

Koreans are the most frequent vacuum cleaning people in the world - 11 per cent of them do it several times a day compared to the global average of three per cent - and another 29 per cent do it once a day.

When it comes to the time spent vacuum cleaning Brazil and Portugal lead the way: 22 and 20 per cent of people respectively spend between one and two hours doing it compared to the global average of 10 per cent.

And vacuuming in the morning is the most common - at 38 per cent - followed by afternoon at 28 per cent. Only nine per cent vacuum in the evening.

And what do people wear while they vacuum? For two per cent around the world, the answer is nothing! And four per cent only wear their underwear.


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