ECJ looks back on 20 years - Roberto Berardi, ETS

26th of March 2013
ECJ looks back on 20 years - Roberto Berardi, ETS

ECJ celebrates its 20th birthday this month. To celebrate our birthday we look back at the key trends affecting the industry over the last 20 years, with the help of some of the best-known names in the industry. Today, Roberto Berardi of ETS.

Certainly the last 20 years have seen a positive development in the usage of single use products, such as paper towels and cleaning wipers, which have unique capabilities to deliver high quality performances and maximise the levels of hygiene.

The quality, value and sustainability of tissue products have also improved over the years. The paper sector has also evolved in its capability to use recycled materials and now over 70 per cent of the paper used in Europe is collected for recycling.

In the hand drying sector, improved no-touch paper dispensers and superior quality paper towels have been developed, resulting in perfectly dry hands with improved hygiene, while also reducing consumption at the same time.

Discussions about which hand drying system is the most effective and the most hygienic have been endless, even creating confusion in the minds of decision makers. I think we as an association and the media in general should do a better job at increasing public awareness of the importance of hand hygiene to reduce cross contamination and emphasise the importance of using a truly hygienic hand drying system.


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