ECJ looks back on 20 years - Peter Holt, consultant

28th of March 2013
ECJ looks back on 20 years - Peter Holt, consultant

ECJ celebrates its 20th birthday this month. To celebrate our birthday we look back at the key trends affecting the industry over the last 20 years, with the help of some of the best-known names in the industry. Today, consultant Peter Holt.

Daytime cleaning is the most significant development. It requires a ranger of battery powered equipment which is becoming more relevant.  It has made some impact but it has yet to become the norm throughout the commercial sector.

Green chemicals and energy saving equipment have begun to drive the sector into the 21st century. There is a long way to go but this trend deserves to succeed.

Manufacturers are criticised for the perceived lack of innovation.  However, there is a lot of innovation out there which depends upon the will of senior managers and supervisors to extract the full benefit of new development. Initiatives are tried, but when they fail on the first attempt, as they usually do, they are then dismissed as too difficult.

I would like to see the development of a career based structure that helps operatives move forward in the industry. Better recognition of the role of the cleaner will only truly be achieved when, at least, the liveable wage becomes the true minimum wage. The productivity required to finance this will be totally dependent on the client.


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