Diversey summit highlights risk management

14th of June 2012
Diversey summit highlights risk management

Over 200 business leaders from companies in the building care, retail, lodging, and food & beverage industries were at the recent Risk Management Summit organised by Diversey in Amsterdam recently.

The delegates came from 18 countries to hear presentations from speakers representing global leaders such as ISS, Metro, Coca Cola, Compass Group, AutoGrill and McDonalds. These were followed by lively debates during the panel sessions.

The attendees were polled on the question, what is the single biggest challenge for the food distribution chain? A majority of 55.8 per cent cited the complexity of differing regulations across borders, 13 per cent were strongly critical of the sheer cost of implementing food safety measures, while for 31.2 per cent the biggest issue was the practicalities of ensuring collaboration between all parties in the food chain.

When polled on what was the biggest opportunity for food safety compliance, attendees recognised technology as the greatest enabler (40 per cent) while common regulations and common sourcing were also popular choices as the single most important factor for 34.3 per cent and 25.7 per cent respectively. Surprisingly 18.7 per cent of attendees admitted they did not consider, and therefore were not focussing on infection control as a food safety risk or a threat to their businesses.

When asked what the biggest challenge they faced on labour safety was, 33 per cent of attendees said reducing injuries was the biggest challenge – trailing behind 52.2 per cent voting for increased employee engagement as their biggest challenge. For 52.7 per cent, improving the consistency of customer service was the prime result of improved labour safety, ahead of the other popular answers of optimising operational productivity and reducing employee downtime.


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