Deodorising hand towels for gym-goers launched in Japan

4th of March 2014
Deodorising hand towels for gym-goers launched in Japan

A hand towel said to be able to make odours "simply disappear" on contact has been launched in Japan where it is being sold to gym users and yoga practitioners.

According to the manufacturer, the cotton threads of the towel are capable of neutralising any foul-smelling chemicals at molecular level.

Made from a bronze-infused proprietary fibre called Breeze Bronze, the towel is said to use ionisation technology to eliminate 99 per cent of the ammonia odours commonly found in sweat. Manufacturers Breeze Bronze claim that standard carbon-based deodorisers are only able to absorb odours or mask them with perfumes rather than effectively neutralising them.

Made from biodegradable soft cotton fibres, the exact material that provides the towel's deodorising properties is a trade secret. Breeze Bronze products were originally designed for use in the healthcare sector but the towels - slightly larger than the average hand towel, and available in four colours - are said to be particularly suitable for use in the gym and for yoga practitioners.

Meanwhile, the bronze-infused material has also been used for creating deodorising T-shirts, socks and underwear for use by the Japanese military crews of submarines and Antarctic exploration ships.



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