Crow finds a job in a Turkish toilet

9th of July 2021
Crow finds a job in a Turkish toilet

A washroom attendant in Turkey has found himself an unlikely feathered assistant.

Ismail Atmaca is using a young crow as his deputy when away from his post.

Atmaca, from Birecik in south-east Turkey, found the crow chick on the ground earlier this year. It had apparently fallen from its nest and was too frail to fly. So Atmaca took the bird under his wing - as it were - and fed him in the small booth outside the toilets he operates.

"The crow and I quickly became friends and he likes sitting on my shoulder," said Atmaca. "And he mimics whatever I do."

Atmaca charges a levy for the use of his washrooms and soon the crow began to imitate his "master" by extending his beak and accepting coins and banknotes from the hands of customers, then placing them carefully on the counter

Most of the washroom's clientele are locals and Atmaca's customers have become accustomed to being attended by a crow. In fact, the bird has proved so skillful that Atmaca now frequently leaves him in charge when attending to other tasks.

While most washroom users willingly hand over their money to the crow "attendant", some try to avoid payment. The crow then shrieks loudly to alert his master.

"It communicates with me by sounds," said Atmaca. "I now know when he is hungry or thirsty and I give him water and food. And I'm grateful for his help - though he doesn't hand over all the money. He stashes some away in a spot he has found for himself."


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