‘Crisis’ in public toilet provision across the UK

6th of September 2021
‘Crisis’ in public toilet provision across the UK

The British Toilet Association (BTA) has called for improved legislation and more government funding to address what it calls an "appalling" lack of public toilet provision throughout the UK. Public toilets are in crisis and rapidly vanishing, it says, with many of those that do remain open displaying unacceptable levels of cleanliness and hygiene - and the Covid-19 pandemic has only made the situation worse.

Many public toilets have been locked down since the start of the pandemic due to a lack of cleaning, funding or any government guidance on how to get them fit for purpose, the BTA said.

With no legal requirement in place to force local authorities to provide or run public toilets, it believes the majority of councils across the UK do not allocate sufficient resources or funds to provide them.

It is calling for the Government to make sanitation and hygiene a major priority and support local authorities to stop the closures, open new facilities and establish a new set of standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

The BTA is a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns for the highest possible standards of hygiene and provision in all "away from home" toilet facilities across the UK.



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