Cow’s urine could be used to clean government offices in India

30th of January 2015
Cow’s urine could be used to clean government offices in India

A charity in India has developed a cleaning product made from cow's urine.

The product has been distilled and scented with natural ingredients such as pine oil to disguise the smell. It has been developed by the Holy Cow Foundation, a charity that cares for the cows that freely roam India's streets.

According to the foundation's Anuradha Modi, a deal is being made to supply the product - known as Gaunyle - to a company that supplies housekeeping products to India's government offices.

'We have tested the product in labs and we can say that it is much better than the phenyl you buy in the market that is so full of chemicals,' she said.

'We want to create a market for cow urine. Supply won't be a problem.'

Cows are considered to be sacred in India. While eating beef is considered unacceptable for Hindus, cow waste falls into the same acceptable category as dairy products.

The urine cleaner has received praise from Jagdish Bhatia who heads up the company supplying housekeeping products to government offices.

"It is a great product for the health of cleaners as well as for the cows," he said. "Cow urine can be a good alternative to phenyl if mixed with the right components of other herbal extracts and then scientifically treated.'

This is the latest in a long list of cow-based products to be developed by the Holy Cow Foundation. Others include soap, medicines, a soft drink and a baldness cure.



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