Cow dung air freshener wins science prize

16th of April 2013
Cow dung air freshener wins science prize

Two Indonesia science students have won a gold medal at the country's Science Project Olympiad with an affordable air freshener made from cow dung.

Dwi Nailul Izzah and Rintya Aprianti Miki beat 1,000 other competitors to the prize with their bizarre concoction, which was created by collecting unused cow manure from a cattle farm and fermenting it for three days.

They then extracted the water from the fermented manure and mixed it with coconut water. Finally they distilled the liquid to eliminate all impurities. The whole process took seven days and they were left with a liquid air freshener with a herbal aroma from digested cow food.

The students are filing a patent for their invention. Dwi Nailul Izzah explained: "Our air freshener is not supplemented with chemicals to smell fragrant, it's pure and smells like the natural plants fed to cows. It's also healthier because it doesn't contain harmful ingredients."

The pair will now be competing at the International Environment Project Olympiad (INEPO) in Istanbul, Turkey next month.



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