Coming up: A Licence to Clean

18th of January 2021
Coming up: A Licence to Clean

ECJ’S Lotte Printz reports on a new digital training programme for the Swedish cleaning industry.

Cleaning isn’t just cleaning! It has become increasingly recognised that cleaners too must receive education and training to ensure they are competent in their roles. Still, in Sweden two experienced ladies in each of their fields have seen a need within the cleaning industry for more people to master the skill of cleaning professionally. And to learn how to do so in a flexible manner, at the cleaners’ own pace, and without cleaning companies having to offer introductory courses every time they take on a new employee.

‘Städkörkortet’ – a driving licence to clean, in translation – that became commercially available at the end of last year is a basic training programme for cleaners using podcasts and films, which means cleaning companies in Sweden can soon welcome any new employees with an e-mail linking to a training programme and that cleaners can simply listen, watch and even test themselves in knowledge and skills needed for the job – whenever it suits them.

“That you can start developing your skills straight away without getting an overload of information, makes you feel safe as a newly recruited cleaner. Being new to the job should feel positive and learning must be fun so the individual cleaner feels motivated and gets a sense of their own development,” the two creators, Christina Holmefalk from Vamos Viajes and Anita Nordlund from Wacano explain.

Christina Holmefalk has worked within the industry for 35 years while Anita Nordlund specialises in digital educational solutions like podcasts, a platform that offers flexibility in learning and does not require screens.

However, short films that visualise contents and processes complement the podcasts that cover various themes in six parts. From ordinary cleaning procedures and planning to work ethics, knowledge of chemicals and materials, ergonomics and other health issues in order to function well in a workplace.

“Sustainability and stamina are focal points in ‘Städkörkortet’, referring to our surrounding environment and the physical strength and the mental health of you as a cleaner alike. This, we believe, also improves customer satisfaction,” Christina Holmefalk and Anita Nordlund point out.

Needless to say, many cleaners in today’s industry come from various language backgrounds. In order to cater for the needs of those cleaners whose Swedish may be poor, the two women have joined forces with a third, Lotta Simonsen from Swedish4u. From her knowledge of and expertise in teaching Swedish for various professions, a digital language course has been created specifically for and included in the training programme.

This enables users to practise words and phrases related to the cleaning profession (including names of various pieces of furniture!), thus being able to answer the questions after each subject correctly and gain their ‘licence to clean’.

‘Städkörkortet’ has been underway for more than a year, ie. before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world hard and taught us all about social distancing, remote learning and online meetings. And in the current coronavirus second wave and generally in the new reality we have ‘woken up to’, Christina Holmefalk and her partners can’t deny their digital training programme has been developed at a convenient time.

“Digital education is definitely in demand - one very large customer has already decided to use ‘Städkörkortet’ as the training for its 250-300 employees.”


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