Cleanpissup has the last laugh at ISSA/Interclean

14th of May 2014
Cleanpissup has the last laugh at ISSA/Interclean

One company causing a few smirks around the exhibition was the aptly - if unfortunately - named Cleanpissup.

The company makes mini tissue dispensers that can be wall-mounted in urinals. These basically do as the name suggests.

"Toilets have toilet paper but up to now there has been no equivalent in urinals," said general manager Marcos Martin Granda.

"I think there is a need for a product such as this because men today are looking after themselves more than they used to. The stand has attracted a lot of interest from companies all over Europe, particularly from high-end restaurants."

So how would a high-end restaurant feel about wall-mounting a dispenser bearing the name: 'Cleanpissup'?

"Oh, we wouldn't put our name on the dispenser, just our logo," he said. This is a rather coy pictogram of a man reaching up towards a dispenser on a wall.

Which brings us again to the question of that unfortunate name. "It's supposed to be fun and to attract attention - and it has," said Martin Granda.

Though he admits that the company's name in his home country - Spain - is different. "There we call ourselves: Limpiatedepie which means: ‘Clean yourself standing up'," said Martin Granda.

So no plans to rename the company the Spanish equivalent of Cleanpissup? "Oh, no," he replied, aghast.



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