Cleaning windows is ranked least favourite job in Taiwan

6th of August 2013
Cleaning windows is ranked least favourite job in Taiwan

Cleaning the windows and exterior walls of buildings was ranked by Taiwanese workers as their least favourite job, according to a recent poll. Given a choice of several job categories, 45.4 percent of respondents chose window cleaning as a job they would not be willing to do.

Some 41.4 per cent chose being a fertiliser worker as an undesirable occupation, followed by 38.2 per cent saying they would not want to be a livestock keeper and butcher, and 29.6 per cent not wanting to be a maid and caregiver, the poll for 1111 Job Bank found.

Completing the top 10 least favourite jobs were funeral director, sewer worker, cemetery worker, mover, boiler operator and nuclear engineering staff.

Lee Ta-hua, director of public relations at the Job bank, said the jobs mentioned in the top 10 were the least popular because they generally involved a harsh or dangerous working environment, even if they offer good pay.

A window and exterior wall cleaner in Taiwan can earn an average wage of 1,250 euros a month, with salaries reaching between 1,750 and 2,500 euros a month during peak season.




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