Cleaning products now available in reusable packaging

9th of August 2019
Cleaning products now available in reusable packaging

US household detergent brands Cascade and Tide are the latest companies to have signed up to circular shopping system Loop.

This means customers can now buy cleaning products in reusable containers which are collected, cleaned, refilled and returned after use.

Launched in May this year, Loop has been described by founder Tom Szaky as "a reboot of the milkman model". "Today we live in a single-use world and spend a huge amount of energy extracting petroleum from the ground and making plastics and other single-use items," he said.

"Recycling today exists in the US at a relatively low rate and there's a huge amount of stuff from coffee cups to chip bags that are not recyclable."

The Loop website offers around 100 products from salad dressings and ice cream to shampoo and detergents. Customers order online and their products are delivered in reusable containers in a durable tote bag. When the containers are empty, customers send them back in the same tote for a refill or a returned deposit.

Under the Loop scheme Tide laundry detergent will now come in stainless steel bottles with a twist cap while Cascade dishwasher products will be delivered in stainless steel plastic cups. Once consumers are finished with the containers, they can schedule a pick-up from their home via an online platform.

Currently available in the US and Paris, Loop's customers include Nestlé, PepsiCo, Unilever, Mars Petcare and the Body Shop. The company plans to extend its service to the UK, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia in 2020 and grow its store's offerings to around 400 products.


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