Cleaning firms perform better

15th of September 2010

Cleaning companies are performing better than they were this time last year, according to new research in the UK which monitors the views and performance of employers. The Asset Skills Barometer Survey questioned 94 employers.

Those surveyed were positive about many areas of their business, in particular how effectively they felt they were performing and the current levels of staff morale – both of which were reported to have improved compared with six months ago and this time last year. But they also said running and recruitment costs had risen.

According to the survey, 18 per cent of companies claim they invested more time in training over the last year, with the same proportion claiming to have invested more money. Evidence suggests further training may be needed in future – 27 per cent of employers said they planned to move into new areas of activity in the next year and 36 per cent claimed current staff did not have the skills required.

Despite the rise in staff morale that was reported in the last six months, employers still highlighted issues around staff as one of their most pressing concerns. Motivating employees, attracting skilled staff into the sector and retaining experienced members of the workforce were highlighted as some of the challenges.

Economy concern

While the economy was not cited as a challenge by employers as frequently as it was six months ago, it remained a concern. A large proportion of firms  - 78 per cent - said they planned to expand over the next three years, and a number of employers noted the economy could potentially restrict their ability to do this.

A fifth of respondents felt the skills levels of recruits has increased over the last six months, with 61 per cent reporting that new employees are either fully equipped or have most of the skills they require for the job. However, 17 per cent of employers felt new staff had none or few of the skills they needed.


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