CIRI symposium focuses on disinfectants

19th of August 2011
CIRI symposium focuses on disinfectants

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International (CIRI) is to hold an autumn science and technology symposium entitled The Science and Efficacy of Antimicrobials, Disinfectants and Their Impact on Cleaning Technologies.

The event will take place at the Georgia Institute of Technology Hotel and Conference Centre in the USA from November 9-11. The focus will be the confusion over the many new and different types of disinfectants, sanitisers and antimicrobials. 

Other topics on the agenda include innovations in cleaning science and disinfection; regulations; how newer technologies are influencing the contract cleaning business; and the aspects of cleaning technology that involve non-chemical, physical and chemical-free disinfection.

“There is a renewed interest in antibacterial technologies, antimicrobial products, disinfectants and sanitising cleaners,” said Dr Steven Spivak, chairman of CIRI’s Science Advisory Council. “One reason for that is the expanding supply of antimicrobial technologies, which now is up to 15 or 20 different types and methods!

"Previously the average cleaner, service provider and restorer knew antimicrobials primarily as 'quats', phenolics, alcohol and blends. Today there is an explosion of types, claims and hype regarding all healthy cleaning products, methods, equipment and systems—with or without chemical disinfection.”

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