Charmin solves the problem of toilet paper run-outs

16th of January 2020
Charmin solves the problem of toilet paper run-outs

Charmin has unveiled a bear-shaped robot that will respond to its owner's urgent request for a fresh roll of toilet paper.

The self-balancing Rollbot is designed to be used in the home and works on the assumption that the owner will have his or her smartphone in the toilet with them. When a new roll is urgently needed, the washroom user sends a phone message to the RollBot which receives an activation via Bluetooth.

The RollBot then begins its rescue mission using infrared sensors to allow it to navigate to the person in the loo.

The high-tech solution is claimed to provide the ultimate answer to the problem of toilet paper run-outs. However, the RollBot must be loaded with toilet paper in advance, otherwise it will approach its owner empty-pawed.

The RollBot was one of three "conceptual prototypes" demonstrated by Charmin at the consumer technology conference CES held in Las Vegas in January.

The second was the VIPee, an augmented reality system that provides a real-time view of the music festival or sports event the user is attending during their toilet break.

And the third Charmin prototype was SmellSense, a sensor that alerts washroom users before entering the facility whether a not a bad smell has been left lingering behind. The device makes its deduction based on the amount of carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide it detects in the air.

Charmin has yet to decide whether any of the prototypes will be released as commercial products.


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