Celebrating technology at the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards

11th of August 2016
Celebrating technology at the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards

Sandra Sieber, professor at the IESE Business School University of Navarra, is one of the speakers at the European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards conference - taking place in Barcelona on September 29. Here, she examines how smart technologies will affect the cleaning sector and looks ahead to the event.

There are several key exhibitions that take place across the world throughout the year for the professional cleaning industry. Over the past six months, you've probably attended as many of these as possible, walked miles, spoken to hundreds of people and sought out solutions to the latest challenges in your sector.

These events provide opportunities to network with peers and to see some great examples of industry leading innovation. The European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards, taking place in Barcelona in September, will recognise and celebrate these technological advancements that are changing the world of professional cleaning.

New smart technologies are affecting every aspect of our lives, and inevitably, the digital age is beginning to have a significant impact on the professional cleaning sector. It's all very well having a host of technologies available, however, the key challenge is to select the right solutions and to use data in a way that brings concrete results to any business. That means better productivity, client/staff benefits and ultimately higher profitability.

Technological advances have the power to change various aspects of our lives and there are many examples when a new idea or method has helped to re-shape the way we work. There are examples where companies have introduced personal devices, such as smart phones, robotics etcetera, for staff and this has increased productivity and the expectation that more can be covered in the same amount of time. In addition, the availability of real time data allows problems to be identified and fixed rapidly, thus making the cleaners role much more responsive.

Like many industries, the cleaning sector is striving to make more efficient use of resources and to reduce waste. There are a growing number of initiatives that are being adopted by professional cleaning contractors to reduce their carbon footprint, which also help client organisations to cut costs, and make them more socially responsible. The green agenda for sustainability has never been so driven.

With advances in technology, there are novel ways to reduce your carbon footprint; there are dedicated systems to monitor and better manage energy usage. Remote monitoring is another trend contributing to sustainable practices which results in a greater shift towards planned maintenance.

Cleaning equipment is constantly evolving to increase efficiency and productivity, and as such, there is a stronger dependency on investment in workforce training. Although there may be a natural hesitancy when it comes to embracing new technology, when the advantages are understood fully, momentum of uptake is pretty smooth. Once familiar with operating new devices and programmes, it is clear to everyone that the technological advances just make everyone's lives easier!

Due to greater availability of data, companies are developing systems of predictive maintenance which can monitor cleaning provision more effectively. Management will play an ever increasing role in the cleaning industry with automation of tasks and reporting upgraded. Setting up and running automated cleaning equipment will be more integral than manning the machines themselves.

If you or your business are pushing the boundaries with innovation and implementing technological initiatives which are showing results and trimming the fat off your operations, why not come along to Barcelona, this September, at the inaugural European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards. Not only will the event celebrate success, it will also provide attendees with an educational programme full of best practice case studies.

For more information on the conference programme or to book your place at the event, please visit www.ecj-awards.com



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