Casino janitor returns $10,000 washroom cash to owner

19th of February 2013
Casino janitor returns $10,000 washroom cash to owner

An honest janitor who found the sum of $10,000 in cash while cleaning the washroom of a casino opted to hand the money over to her boss rather than pocketing it.

Meuy Saelee of Lincoln, California, initially believed the cash she found in the toilet cubicle to be fake, but she handed it in to her supervisor anyway. When casino chiefs verified that the money was, in fact, real they checked the building's surveillance footage in a bid to track down the owner.

Security cameras at the Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, California, quickly revealed the owner of the cash to be 46-year-old customer Linh Hoang. Hoang did not appear too surprised at the return of her money, merely accepting it with a simple: "Thank-you".

Mother-of-two Saelee, who has worked at the casino for 10 years, says her young sons struggled to understand why she gave the cash back. "They said ‘Mom, can you keep the money?' I said, ‘oh no,'" she said.

However, casino chiefs decided that Saelee's honesty should not go unrewarded and gave her the sum of $500. And Saelee's reaction? Instead of keeping it all herself, she opted to hand her supervisor a $50 share of the reward.


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