Brisk clean doesn't clean all germs says study

14th of May 2012
Brisk clean doesn't clean all germs says study

A table that has just been cleaned could be 18 times dirtier than an unwiped one, according to a new study in Australia.Food trays, high chairs, toilets and tables in shopping centres are often less hygienic after a wipe, it says.

And once a dirty surface has been cleaned, the average surface bacteria count rises by an average 1,827 per cent - tests by the Australia cleaners' trades union United Voice found.

The group found this happens because cleaning sponges and utensils are not rinsed properly when in use. The typical cleaner's kit of sponges, wipes, buckets and sanitising fluids were all found to be harbouring and probably spreading contamination.

Toilet seats actually came out top for cleanliness - with 43 per cent of surfaces increasing their bacteria count after cleaning.

The audit of seven anonymous shopping centres also found more than 25 per cent of tested surfaces showed visible soiling and contamination after cleaning.

Testing company Getex said inadequate sponges, wipes and physical action during cleaning may be contributing to the spread of bacteria.



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