Boy addicted to vacuum cleaning

24th of May 2013
Boy addicted to vacuum cleaning

A nine-year-old boy addicted to cleaning the house has a collection of 17 vacuum cleaners in his home.

Lane Fountain from Essex cleans the house every day - and his parents take him to vacuum cleaner retail outlets to reward him for good behaviour.

Lane has a rare genetic chromosome disorder called Williams Syndrome which means he has advanced social skills and is more eager to please than many other children.

The condition can cause cardiovascular disease such as narrowing of the aorta and some learning disabilities, and sufferers tend to have obsessions according to Lane's father Mark.

"As obsessions go, vacuuming is quite a good one and at least it's keeping him out of mischief," he said.

The vacuum fixation began after Lane watched his mother clean the living room one day. He wanted to have a turn - and has been cleaning up ever since.

As well as several versions of Henry, Lane also has a Dyson a Vax, and a George in his room.

"Lane has adored vacuum cleaners from a young age and he studies every detail," said Mark. "He knows all the different models, the makes and the product numbers. His room is full of vacuum cleaners - and he has more in the garden.

"But I think there's more to come because he's now gravitating toward carpet washers."



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