Attractive new ‘disguises’ for portable toilets

23rd of October 2013
Attractive new ‘disguises’ for portable toilets

A New York-based portable toilet company has come up with a range of standalone cubicles designed to impress the clientele.

Callahead has taken the traditional portable toilet - often an eyesore - and turned it into an attractive facility with comfortable features inside. The toilets are available in a range of colours and themes to suit any environment or event.

For example the Purple Potty, aimed at children's parties and school events, is a child-size toilet decorated with festive balloons and colourful handprints and footprints.

"Kids are often intimidated when using a portable toilet, but the bright colours and smaller size of the Purple Potty take the fear and intimidation away," said a Callahead spokesperson.

Meanwhile La Femme Toilette, said to be completely odour-free, is soft pink and painted with a floral and lace design. Aimed at hen parties and other all-female events, the cubicle features an illuminated full-body mirror inside.

The Tele-Toilette has the outward appearance of a red British phone booth and is solar-powered and carpeted inside, and the AirHead is decorated with flying hot-air balloons to complement beach events.

Other designs include the ToileTree, which gives the illusion of a forest tree; the Garden Head, which resembles a garden on the outside and features a flower basket arrangement inside, and a white and silver toilet aimed at weddings. The portable toilets are also available in various colours such as white, royal blue, red and green.

However, the company does not only provide specialist toilets. It has been supplying construction sites with regular portable toilets for the past 40 years.


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