Absenteeism in Spanish cleaning sector rises dramatically

30th of July 2019
Absenteeism in Spanish cleaning sector rises dramatically

Workforce absenteeism among Spain's cleaning companies has increased by over 91 per cent over the past five years. That's according to data compiled by contract cleaning association Aspel.

Absenteeism in the industry rose from 14,136 workers in 2013 to 27,107 workers in the year 2018, an increase the association describes as "disproportionate" compared to the average of the other sectors.

And the average duration of leave due to common conditions was 56.64 per case - the average for all other sectors was 40.33 days.

These absences bring a high cost for contract cleaning companies. Fifteen-day periods amounted to over €242 million in social security payments, and sick leave periods over 15 days cost €267.2 million.

Aspel has also collated some general data about the sector in Spain. In 2018 the number of people employed grew by 13,200 - there are now 370,000 people employed in the industry. And there are now 17,544 cleaning businesses, 100 more than last year.


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