Abecs system kills bacteria in microfibre cloths

9th of May 2012
Abecs system kills bacteria in microfibre cloths

Electrolux claims its new Abecs system for laundering microfibre cloths and mops will completely remove the risk of bacteria regrowing in the cloths.

The system is also said to save energy and prolong the life of cloths and mops.

Abecs works via a positive charge in the final rinse cycle when laundering mops and cloths. "Most bacteria have a negative charge, so by inputting a positive charge into the rinse cycle the bacteria are physically immobilised," said national account manager Kurt Fryer.

Once the bacteria are trapped inside the cloth the system uses a mild disinfectant to kill them. According to Fryer the system is particularly suitable for facilities management companies and healthcare institutions.

Besides eliminating the problem of bacteria growing within the microfibre, the system also has major sustainability advantages, said Fryer.

"The cloths are safer to handle by staff after cleaning because there is no risk of contamination from the bacteria," he said. "There are also massive energy savings to be made because there is no need to tumble-dry the cloths after use - once the bacteria are destroyed the cloths can be stored damp for up to seven days with no risk of regrowth.

"And because you are removing the mechanical action and heat involved in the tumble-drying process, the cloths have a much longer life."

The Abecs system was officially launched at ISSA/INTERCLEAN. Electrolux is a global manufacturer of professional laundry solutions.




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