A Hard Day’s wipe

4th of October 2011
A Hard Day’s wipe

A toilet roll rejected by The Beatles for being too "hard and shiny" could sell for over 1,000 euros a sheet.

Proving that even the world's most famous band was not adverse to the odd 'diva strop', the legends rejected the roll while recording the Abbey Road album.

It was deemed to be too "hard and shiny" and the band was also unhappy with the fact it had EMI stamped on every sheet.

Beatles fan Barry Thomas snapped up the toilet roll for just under 100 euros at an auction in 1980.

It came complete with a jokey letter of authentication by EMI manager Ken Townsend.

The letter, signed by Townsend, reads: "Most things went very smoothly with the Beatles at Abbey Road - but not this roll of toilet paper which they complained was too hard and shiny.

"They thought it disgraceful that the management should stamp each sheet of paper with EMI Ltd. The paper was immediately withdrawn and things became much smoother for staff after that."

Experts have told Barry it is impossible to price such an odd object - but he has since been offered almost 1,000 euros just for one sheet.



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