Take advice on training

29th of June 2011
Take advice on training

Latest news on from the UK's cleaning sector from ECJ's reporter - including a look at the importance of effective training.

We were pleased but a little disappointed by the coverage of The Cleaning Show. Pleased because, on the face of it, the show was a success. For some companies it undoubtedly was. It does not explain the comparatively small attendance nor the absence of most of the big names. There were no doubt commercial reasons but there is a question of duty to the industry and the customers. A little more effort all round is needed, which ought to ensure a better show in 2013.

Only the local election and the AV debate have been keeping the media awake domestically. So many pointless words have been said and the way to run the country discussed ad infinitum. Certain truths are emerging: The National Health Service reorganisation appears to be on hold which is a pity, for something must be done about this bloated and partly politically motivated organisation.

One hears much of the trades unions in the NHS but not one of them has produced a constructive idea since 1947.Negativity abounds, reflected by the media, since failure and chaos make the best stories.

Vincent Cable, who is in the coalition government but clearly not part of it, endeared himself to the elite of our industry by suggesting that apprentices are more use than graduates (they’re cheaper too) but how many service companies or manufacturers in our industry have a graduate training scheme? It is up to the employer to develop and get the best out of his employees. Nothing wrong with apprentices but they are not cheap labour, and they deserve all the help we can give them.

Key words of today

Training forms an essential part of the new employee's kit bag. With training being used as a useful tool to bring down unemployment figures many companies enter the training business boasting high ethical standards and great results. Employers need to check the quality of the training company tasked with delivering well trained, certificated staff at a reasonable cost.

It appears anyone can appoint themselves as an awarding body which by no means the same as an awarding body approved by OFQUAL, the government body designed to regulate and qualify such organisations. Take advice on where to go for training from your particular association.

Training is one of the key words of today but 50 years ago it wasn’t - when the British Institute of Cleaning Science was formed. More respectable now and even appreciated. In recognition of the anniversary the institute organised a service at St. Olave's in London, very much the cleaning industry's church, followed by a luncheon.

Nowadays the cleaning industry claims to be a professional industry with all the standards you would expect. Of those invited, including Fellows, industry leaders and a sprinkling of the great and good, 25 per cent not only failed to turn up but did not even bother to reply to the invitation. (There was no charge in case that is what stopped them writing.)

You can tell this is an industry with real class.


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