Snapshot of China

27th of April 2012
Snapshot of China

John Feng at the China Professional Commission of Cleaning Service Contractors (CPCCSC) offers ECJ an overview of the country's cleaning market.

The development of the cleaning industry in China can be divided into three stages: traditional cleaning, modern cleaning and contemporary cleaning. Traditional cleaning was a rather long period, continuing until the late '80s. This was mainly about bathing, laundry, house cleaning, food hygiene, basic sterilising and some other traditional tasks. It was not really an industry at that time.

With the development of industry and modern buildings in China, things began to change in the late '80s.Compared with the cleaning sector that has taken shape in the West over the last 30 years, we are half a century behind. Therefore we have much to learn from western countries. The emergence of a few industrial and building cleaning companies marked the start of this era. However it was small, low-tech and lacked regulation.

Coming forward into the 21st century things have improved - more foreign brands are entering China and some national Chinese brands are becoming established. Besides, media, products, conferences and training agencies targeted at the cleaning sector are booming, and industry regulations are being established. However, we also face some challenges too, especially how to achieve 'green' and hygienic cleaning, and publicising how the industry can improve the way we live.

It is said the USA is the largest cleaning market in the world, with Germany second. I don't know the position of China but according to some sources the Chinese cleaning market is worth about 320 billion yuan (38 billion euros) which is mainly down to the civic cleaning industry, and the number of workers is estimated to be around 60 million - an enormous number.

Latest news

The fourth annual national cleaning industry conference of China, organised by China Professional Commission of Cleaning Service Contractors (CPCCSC) was held earlier this year. Several industry regulations such as certification systems, a technical standard for commercial scrubbers, and a service standard for cleaning façades at height were implemented or drafted by CPCCSC.
CPCCSC, formally approved and registered in the State Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2007, is a national cleaning service industry association in China.

The association's supervisory authority is the Ministry of Commerce and the registration authority is the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The association accepts guidance and supervision from the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Civil Affairs and SASAC.

It aims to provide services for the national cleaning sector, strengthen the link between government and business, promote international dialogue,  establish a communication platform within the industry and regulate market behaviour. Its ambition is then to promote the entire industry to the kind of development that is sustainable, rapid and healthy.


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