New appointments for Afidamp

27th of May 2021
New appointments for Afidamp

Anna Garbagna in Italy brings news of latest developments at industry association Afidamp.

There is much news from Afidamp, the association representing manufacturers and distributors of machines, products and equipment for the professional cleaning sector. Among the most important news, surely, is the appointment of Stefania Verrienti, formerly general secretary, as the new director of the association.

In her new role, Verrienti will have the task of leading this industry body which recently modified its structure by opening up to other product groups and other production companies. She will have greater decision-making powers and operational autonomy to further consolidate the role of the association on the Italian political and institutional scene, and to increase its level of representativeness.

Joining forces

However, this is not the only news for the association. In fact, with a view to supporting  the catering sector, one of those most affected by the pandemic, Afidamp has joined forces with Fipe-Confcommercio - the Italian restaurant, bar and catering federation. They signed an agreement for the whole of 2021 to supply sanitisation materials and products for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of premises, at subsidised prices.

As is well known, the terrible health crisis which for almost a year has been badly affecting the cleaning sector at a global level, has, on the other hand, given an absolutely central role to the cleaning and sanitisation operations of commercial business premises. Between constant closures and re-openings, business owners have been forced to adapt to new and strict rules in order to guarantee everyone’s safety: from customers to suppliers and employees too.

After the much appreciated publication of guidelines for Covid-19 sanitisation last May followed by handbooks for bars and restaurants, a practical guide for cleaning operations in catering and also some video clips, the two associations wanted to offer further support to help companies to run their businesses in total safety.

This time the objective of the initiative is to support catering professionals through this very challenging time by giving them the opportunity to reduce, at least partly, the cost of products and equipment for sanitisation which is even more critical for the health of customers and workers during the economic and health crisis in which we are living now.

The fear of Covid-19’s presence on different surfaces forced proprietors right from the start to pay constant attention to all potentially contaminated areas in public premises.

The guidelines drawn up by the two associations represented important support for all the contractors and operators in the sector. The use of correct procedures and appropriate professional equipment can in fact avoid errors and avoid wasting effort on useless procedures.

Moreover, because of its role as aggregator of the entrepreneurial fabric in catering and entertainment in Italy, Fipe - the leading association in the catering, hospitality and tourism sector with over 120,000 members - has always been the advocate for the requests of contractors and represents them in the institutions with a view to building structural and consolidated relationships between its associates and the Government and also to offer itself as facilitator between these two major stakeholders.


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