High level discussions

21st of June 2013
High level discussions

A board member of the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber (PIGC) has been appointed to take part in a high level advisory group to the European Commission’s work. Correspondent for ECJ Marek Kowalski reports.

Due to the involvement of the board of Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber (PIGC), supported by the leaders of the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, Krzysztof Pozna?ski – a board member of PIGC - was appointed to take part in a high level advisory group to the European Commission’s work.

The initiative is the result of the Commission’s activities aimed at improving the European production and services competitiveness in relation to the USA and Asia. In order to improve employees’ working conditions, specially in the production sector, the Commission is going to work on a report whose goal is to define the obstacles slowing the development of business
services in Europe.

The study is going to include recommendations on how to lift the barriers and improve the conditions for the development of services recognising that the key factor in boosting production is creating well-functioning, effective services commonly referred to as outsourcing. According to the definition specified by the Commission, the services include the traditionally labelled facility management services such as cleaning, catering, security, technical and advisory services, designing or business process outsourcing.

The Polish representative in this group of experts on services from the EU is the only Eastern Europe representative, except for a Romanian member, being one of two cleaning industry voices. We hope that due to our representative’s work in the advisory group our problems can be properly articulated - the necessity of enhancing employment flexibility, the restrictions of the public tender legislation, the constantly changing laws on hiring the handicapped, free flow of services within the EU and many other challenges the cleaning industry is struggling with. He will also suggest options which are the best solutions from our industry’s point of view.

For the last five years Krzysztof Pozna?ski has been the board president of ISS Facility Services and vice-president of the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber. He graduated from Warsaw University’s Faculty of Management and received the MBA diploma from the University of Illinois.

In his career he has focused on catering, cinema, security and facility management services. During the 22 years of his career he has worked with such companies as PepsiCo, Multikino, G4S and Cushman & Wakefield.


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