Finding an employment model for Italian cleaning sector

6th of March 2014
Finding an employment model for Italian cleaning sector

The Italian cleaning sector is trying to establish new ways of employment, writes Anna Garbagna for ECJ.

At the end of last year Lorenzo Mattioli, president of Fise ANIP (Confindustria’s National Association of Cleaning companies and Integrated Services), accompanied by the vice president with mandate for work Marzia Giuliani, met Martina Nibbeling-Wriessnig and Henning Grube - responsible for social, work and unions of the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany - to analyse the legal instruments and contractual conditions required to create new job opportunities in Italy, including mini-jobs, which were tested for years in Germany.

From the meeting it emerged that it would also be feasible for Italy to follow this path: this employment model could also represent a turning point in occupation for the integrated services and facility management sectors.

With the right adjustments to Italian work and social legislation, some forms of mini-jobs and easy-jobs would be useful, especially to incentivise forms of 100 per cent tax free employment, to increase other sources of income and interesting for young people and women.

So a programme of joint work was launched which will lead Fise ANIP to formulate a law proposal that will introduce some innovative and protected forms of easy-jobs.  “The service sector”, Lorenzo Mattioli declared, “is coming out of anonymity and, while claiming its identity and its skills, it offers itself as an industrial sector which could drive the economy of Italy.

If the proposals being examined in the meeting come into force we will be in the position of creating hundreds of new job opportunities in a very short period of time, fighting back against illegal labour.”

There was also great interest in the draft of the Framework Legislation on Facility Management, as explained by the minister of defence Mario Mauro to ANIP’s president Lorenzo Mattioli during a meeting held at the ministry.

Mattioli explained to Mauro and his co-workers, among whom there was the chief executive Anita Corrado, the key topics of the proposal. The aim is to give legal identity to the sector of facility management with clear and effective rules to meet the needs of the development of services.

The minister expressed great interest for the initiative, he grasped the strategic importance of it for the true development of the country by facilitating access to the working world by young
people, promoting regulated work and creating better qualified companies and services. Minister Mauro declared his full support, also at government level, for a fast legislative procedure for the  approval of the proposal.

“We have appreciated the great helpfulness, competence and positive attention of the minister towards our proposal” declared president Mattioli. “The support shown by the minister is further backing for the work we are pursuing as ANIP with the objective of gaining exposure for the service sector, for its companies and for its workers. Furthermore, for us it is an important acceptance of the proposals put forward by the association whose aim is to give a reference point to all the operators, contractors and suppliers of the wide sector of integrated services.”


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