Southern Europeans travel to London to find work

22nd of February 2013
Southern Europeans travel to London to find work

The UK, and particularly London, has become a popular place for tens of thousands of southern Europeans in search of work as the governments of Spain, Portugal and Italy continue to impose austerity measures.

5,350 Spaniards and 5,370 Italians were allocated national insurance numbers in London in the first quarter of 2012, according to The Times newspaper.

The number of national insurance registrations for Spaniards across Britain has soared by 25 per cent year on year. The unemployment rate is more than 25 per cent in Spain.

Between 2008 and mid-2012, the EU-27 unemployment rate climbed from around seven per cent to 10.4 per cent, or 25 million unemployed, and in the euro area this is 11.2 per cent, or nearly 18 million people, according to official data.


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