European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2018 winner - Derrycourt

28th of May 2019
European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2018 winner - Derrycourt

Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists won its fourth ever European Cleaning & Hygiene Award in Berlin in November 2018. Ann Laffeaty asks the company’s Anne Heather what she thinks earned the company the coveted Commitment to and Investment in Training award.

As we all know, the lifeblood of the cleaning industry is its people. Millions of cleaners are employed across the world and cleaning companies need to rely heavily on their workforce.

So the success of any cleaning company comes down to its employees. And in order to be truly successful a cleaning company needs to have a properly-trained and highly skilled team.

Derrycourt has always placed strong emphasis on its training programme according to learning and development manager Anna Heather. Topics covered in its training scheme range from supervisory development to specialist skills such as trauma clean-ups from the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaning.

“We also have a designated state-of-the-art training centre at our head office where we carry out all our in-house training,” said Heather. “This is equipped with three different floor surfaces and has built-in chemical dispensers, a bathroom and all the up-to-date cleaning equipment that might be required for cleaning on site.

“We also have an e-learning centre and we offer a suite of online courses for all levels of employees on disciplines such as Infection Control and Managing Driving Safely at Work.”

Derrycourt uses external companies to teach specific cleaning skills, says Heather. “However, when it comes to soft skills training we design the modules ourselves to suit our needs,” she said. “We also engage with local education training boards who provide our employees with English classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced level on-site where required.”

Dublin-based Derrycourt was founded in 1992 by Martin and Ann O’Hanlon and the family-managed business relies heavily on its partnerships with clients, suppliers and employees.

“What sets Derrycourt apart from other companies in terms of training is the fact that we are continually looking at innovative ways of providing a service which in turn leads to bespoke training programmes,” said Heather. “We are also committed to providing British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) cleaning standards and have a team of BICSc assessors who can assess the level of cleaning standards on site.”

The company is currently in the process of rolling out a series of supervisory and management development courses for 2019, she adds. “This will allow us to develop our future leaders and identify new talent in preparation for the next steps in their development,” said Heather.  “We also frequently use e-learning training opportunities, particularly for those employees who work in remote areas, but also to introduce new systems such as employee clock-in and clock-out services.”

Derrycourt would not be able to meet its clients’ expectations or grow its business without well-trained staff, she says. “Our employees are critical to the success of the business. They are also very appreciative of the investment we make in them and in return the company is rewarded with loyal, committed employees.”

Staff members are often promoted to fulfil different roles within the company, adds Heather. “For example, we have healthcare cleaners who go on to become site supervisors, and site managers who are promoted to area manager,” she said. “These opportunities are open to all our employees and serve to showcase the learning and development culture within the company.”

Derrycourt is very proud of receiving a European Cleaning & Hygiene Award, she adds. “Competing against other great companies is what drives the industry to continually improve,” says Heather.

In 2016 Derrycourt won the Greatest Individual Contribution to Driving Up Standards Within a Cleaning Operation award. Two more awards followed in 2017 – the first for Excellence in Client and Contractor Partnership in conjunction with FBD, and the second for the Greatest Individual Contribution to Driving Up Standards of Excellence.

“Winning a European Cleaning & Hygiene Award is a huge achievement as it identifies our company as being one of the best cleaning contractors in Europe,” said Heather. “And this in turns helps with the growth of our business and enables us to win new clients.

“We’re looking forward to the London event this year- it is sure to be another wonderful event.”

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