Signature Aroma's Claro kills germs

9th of June 2017

New from Signature Aromas is Claro, an air-purifying unit that is said to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses within seconds.

The rocket-shaped unit can be placed on a floor or table where it will constantly detect for VOCs, gases or particles in the atmosphere. Available in a white or black housing, Claro displays a green light when the air is clear and this turns red when harmful particles are detected.

Managing director Brian Chappell explained: “At the moment it simply purifies the air but we want to incorporate a fragrance by means of water filtration. The fragrance to be incorporated will be either Summer Orange or Green Apple.

The unit destroys bacteria and viruses via an internal plate that is heated to 250 degrees centigrade. It has a sleep mode for quieter operation in noise-sensitive environments.


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