Need for quality

13th of May 2013
Need for quality

Oleg Popov of Cristanval explains how the vast amount of new commercial space throughout Russia will require quality comprehensive services.

In just the past two years in Russia, more then 4.2 million square metres of commercial property have become available for occupation. This quantity of commercial and office space being introduced may be a record in the entire history of the commercial real estate market.

In 2013-2014 in Russia, according to data from, an all-Russia cleaning industry information and analysis online publication, around 2.3 million square metres of commercial and 1.9 million square metres of office space are being built, requiring quality comprehensive services.

The majority of commercial buildings are concentrated in the two capitals. The area of new commercial buildings in Moscow and St Petersburg may exceed the reference mark of three million square metres by the end of 2014, of which more than two thirds will be for commercial spaces.

Regional cities of over a million are not lagging behind the main megapolises of the country. The amount of new quality office space in these cities may exceed 400,000 square metres by 2014. Basically these buildings are class B - more than 80 per cent of the buildings being built.

In the regions of Russia, the expected amount of new commercial space in total for 2013 is in the order of 800,000 square metres.

This amount of commercial real estate being introduced makes a substantial impact on the cleaning market. Particularly at the building launch stage, post-construction clean-up services are required. The price, depending on the complexity and time frame for doing the work, may vary between one and four euros per square metre, and the cleaning itself requires a large quantity of staff, along with much equipment, and consumable materials.

Relationships develop

This means that the market for post-construction cleaning of commercial real estate in Russia, at a mean value of one euro per square metre, could reach 37.5 million euros over the next few years. Moscow cleaning companies will account for the largest piece of this pie, nearly 50 per cent, and the St Petersburg cleaners a little less at 25 per cent. For regional cleaning companies, they can be satisfied with their total of around 10 million euros.

Cleaning up after construction is a one-time service. However relationships between the cleaners and the managers of business and trade centres entering into such contracts frequently develop into more permanent contracts - (daily) cleaning of rooms and grounds of the building. All the more frequently the owners (developers and managers) of the buildings prefer to select companies capable of covering as many aspects of the building maintenance as possible - not just cleaning but also maintenance of utility systems, servicing fire and other alarm systems, and so forth.

This trend illustrates yet again that large Russian cleaning companies are continuing to broaden their horizons, since they have among their assets a trained staff, together with the experience and qualifications to render comprehensive services.


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