New products - floor polishing

18th of May 2011

A summary of new launches in floor polishing technology.

For stone and vinyl

3M's new range of high-performance Scotchgard Floor Protectors have been designed to deliver a durable shine on stone and vinyl floors with less labour, and at a total lower cost, than acrylic floor products. The quantity of chemicals associated with traditional products has also been reduced.

By reducing periodic maintenance – burnishing, scrubbing, stripping and recoating - 3M claims these new products can save up to 60 per cent on annual floor care labour and chemicals costs, while also prolonging the life of the floor.

Scotchgard Stone and Vinyl Floor Protectors require just two coats to produce a clean, safe, glossy floor and the finish lasts for up to a year with minimal maintenance. It resists water, stains and dirt so finished floors are easily cleaned by dusting and wet mopping.Burnishing is required once or twice a month depending on traffic levels.

Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector is designed for use on marble, terrazzo, concrete and other porous stone surfaces. Scotchgard Vinyl Floor Protector is suitable for use on vinyl, vinyl composition, rubber, linoleum and asphalt tile floors.

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Smooth coated

For maintenance of smooth, coated floors Kärcher has two ultra high speed polishers - the mains powered BDP 50/1500 C and the battery powered BDP 43/1500 C.

Unlike conventional single disk models, these polishers have a chassis for straight-line stability which makes them easy to operate. A new feature is the support wheel in the centre of the pad - it spreads the load evenly and prevents the machine wandering to the right or left. Brush speed is 1,500 rpm and the drive board is spring mounted so the pads adjust automatically.

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Polish in daytime

Developed specifically for safe daytime cleaning is the Truvox UHS Cordless Burnisher, which polishes at 1,500 rpm and is powered by maintenance-free high-capacity gel batteries.

This ultra quiet model, says Truvox, provides up to two hours of high speed polishing on each charge from the on-board charger, which has a permanently attached lead stored on board so that it cannot be mislaid. Battery charge indicator lights on the adjustable handle constantly indicate the amount of charge available.

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