A time for change

17th of May 2011
A time for change

Marek Kowalski reports from Poland on its prospects for 2011.

Let me share some thoughts with you on the Polish cleaning industry in the first quarter of 2011 including  the prospects for the future.

2011 started with multiple projects of changes by the Polish parliament, which could have a noticeable impact on the cleaning industry. The first of these was the VAT rate - not only was it raised from 22 per cent to 23 per cent, but the government suggested changing VAT from 0 per cent to 23 per cent in patient care services provided to healthcare facilities. This move would cost Poland's cleaning industry some 10,000,000 euros. Fortunately, thanks to action by the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber, the proposal was abandoned.

In January the budget financing of handicapped employees underwent changes. Yet the legislation will only be effective from 2012, which should allow companies to prepare for the changes. In April a law on public tenders which is unfavourable to services, including cleaning, was passed. The Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber through its representatives tried to oppose those changes with better or worse outcome.

Under the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber’s supervision new standards and methods of their validation are being established for the healthcare sector and the Polish railway.

2011 is also the year to get ready for the Euro 2012 football tournament. Construction and restoration work is going on at railway and coach stations as well as at airports. New hotels, restaurants and car parks are being built. All those activities foster the creation of new jobs.
The highlight of the Polish Cleaning Industry Chamber's activities in the first part of the year, however, will be the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Central and Eastern Europe exhibition which starts on May 18.

Around 200 exhibitors from 25 countries are taking part. The trade show will be accompanied by conferences, competitions and educational sessions.

The organisers have prepared seven conferences fostering cleanliness maintenance at key social facilities and presenting the role of national associations in shaping the image and highlighting the importance of professional cleanliness.

1. Cleanliness maintenance, catering and laundry services in hospitals. The conference will be run together with the Polish Association of Epidemiological Nurses, The Ministry of Health and the Trilateral Committee on Social Issues.

2. Cleanliness maintenance and facility management services outsourcing. Partners will be ISS and Sodexo companies.

3. Clean railway stations and trains – the showcase of Poland at Euro 2012

4. How to design cleaning- friendly facilities? Educational conference for architect and designer associations.

5. Total Bespo Hotel. A conference on sanitary security in hotels at Euro 2012 organised jointly with the Polish Hotel Chamber.

6. Secure mass events. A conference on security at mass events organised jointly with the Polish Security Chamber, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

7. The role of associations in shaping the image and prestige of professional cleaning industry nationwide and worldwide. A conference organised jointly with cleaning industry association ISSA.

• See ECJ's preview to ISSA/INTERCLEAN CEE.


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