KLM’s virtual reality tours make life easier for cleaners

13th of December 2019
KLM’s virtual reality tours make life easier for cleaners

Cleaners working on board KLM aircraft are now able to familiarise themselves with the cabin's layout via virtual reality before starting work.

Aircraft cleaning needs to be carried out swiftly after landing to allow for a quick turnaround. Dutch carrier KLM has introduced 14 virtual reality tours covering various different aircraft and configurations to make life easier for cleaners.

KLM describes the move as a "successful experiment". "We wanted to familiarise cleaners with our B787 aircraft before its first flight to Minneapolis," said VR specialist at KLM's Digital Studio Chris Koomen.

"Staff were set to come in that evening to clean the aircraft after its arrival, but they hadn't yet seen it from the inside. We knew this would take a lot of extra time - so we came up with a solution."

The cleaning crew were each taken on a virtual tour of the ‘plane via an iPad and a VR headset. "It meant they were well prepared when arriving for work to clean the aircraft in the evening," said Koomen. "They finished the task 15 minutes early - and they didn't make a single mistake."

The VR tours are also available to passengers, taking them to parts of the ‘plane that are off-limits to most such as the cockpit, the galleys and business class cabins.

The tours are also being used to train new cabin attendants and catering services staff when setting up aircraft galleys. They can be accessed via the KLM website at https://www.klm.com



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