European cleaning chemicals market is on the up - report

17th of February 2016
European cleaning chemicals market is on the up - report

The market for janitorial cleaning chemicals in Europe, which until recently was flat to declining, has posted modest growth of 1.6 per cent according to Kline’s recently published study Janitorial Cleaning Products in Europe: Market Analysis and Opportunities.

It says improving economies, end users’ preferences for multipurpose product features, and the need to maintain clean and germ-free facilities contribute to the market’s growth.

Commercial and institutional end users in Europe consumed an estimated €1.5 billion worth of janitorial and housekeeping cleaning products in 2014. Building and contract cleaners are the leading end-use segment in Europe and performed above the overall market growth due to a growing number of end users outsourcing their cleaning to contractors.

Germany represents the largest of the five markets analysed in Europe, closely followed by the UK, the highest growth market in 2014. France is the third largest market with estimated market share of nearly 20 per cent. Italy and Spain are the smallest markets among those profiled and have recently begun to see signs of economic recovery with increases in tourism, which translates into increased sales of janitorial products to the hospitality, restaurants, and catering end users there.

Hard surface cleaners and hand cleaners and sanitisers are the leading product categories in all five country markets analysed. The UK is the leader in both segments with an expected growth of 2.3 per cent.

At the same time the ecological impact of janitorial cleaning chemicals is becoming a growing concern for EU authorities which results in increasing pressure for eco-sustainability. EU authorities are increasingly pushing suppliers to produce eco-sustainable products under the European Green Public Procurement Criteria (GPP).

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