Focus on hygiene continues in Italy

24th of October 2022
Focus on hygiene continues in Italy

Anna Garbagna in Italy on growth in the sector as the emphasis on cleaning of workplaces continues.

While 2020 was no doubt an exceptional year for the domestic and professional cleaning sector, focus on this aspect of our daily life has certainly not diminished. Quite the opposite, according to Francesco Marrone, president of UniFer Confindustria. Although it was the pandemic that made everyone understand the value and importance of professional hygiene, “now, regardless of how Covid will evolve, it is necessary to continue to sanitise all workplaces indefinitely”.

The new regulations for workplaces will be in force until October 31, however we are far from being able to consider ourselves out of the health situation. The only way to reduce risk is to make professional cleaning of our work places both structural and mandatory.

“The companies in the sector, considering the steep increase in infections, emphasise the importance of cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation by following proper and efficient practices. This efficiency can only be guaranteed by the professionals of the sector who are working daily to assure the safety of workplaces and workers who are most exposed to the virus,” declared Lorenzo Mattioli, president of Confindustria Servizi Hcfs and of ANIP Confindustria.

All this will support a strong sector, capable of facing challenges in a difficult market scenario. According to the usual annual survey of the sector of professional cleaning product manufacturers carried out on behalf of Afidamp, a strong and growing market has emerged despite a very difficult international situation due to the increase in the cost of raw materials which had a great impact on companies. They have been pushed to absorb at least part of the costs, but that was only possible for the larger ones, while smaller businesses had to revert to increasing sales prices.

The quality of Italian products, customer loyalty and the ability to invest in new products and technologies  - a view to the digital transition affecting the whole world - have been the strong points on which the manufacturers have focused in a sector which, according to the survey, is estimated at around €3.6 billion. The survey reported total sales for 2021 of €1.8 billion, (for Italy and export); while the sector recording the most interesting growth was fibres and cloths with a sales volume of €27.7 million (up six per cent compared to 2020).

The paper products market, representing 35 per cent of total turnover, recorded a three per cent increase with a total of €642.8 million. The machines sector, with sale volumes over €523 million in  2021, is worth 28 per cent of the total market with average  exports of 69 per cent (with some categories over 80 per cent).

Export is also strong for equipment (up four per cent compared to 2020) with an average of 59 per cent,  followed by paper with  43 per cent. Chemical products, traditionally focused on the national market with an export average of 11 per cent, representing a market share of 19 per cent. Spares and accessories  is also growing with €99.7 million sales attributable to stock replacement rather than new purchases.

All this amounts to total growth for the entire sector amounting to an encouraging two per cent.


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