Rosemor at CMS

20th of September 2013
Rosemor at CMS

New from Rosemor is a combined step and riser escalator and travelator deep cleaning machine - which means there’s no longer the need to purchase two separate systems. Once the operator has finished cleaning the escalator he simply connects the travelator attachment.

There is no need to remove steps when using this system, as all cleaning is carried out in-situ, and the step and riser of the escalator are cleaned right to the edges in one single operation. The machine can remove grease, spillages, stones, foreign objects, hardened sand and grinding paste.

Rosemor’s machine also cleans without diluting lubrication or damage to electrical circuits and internal mechanisms. This is because chemical is carefully controlled and pre-set, and minimal water is sprayed through the nozzles. Immediate vacuuming of the dirty solution eliminates the risk of chains rusting or motors burning out.


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