Brute Deluxe Rim Caddy Bundle from Rubbermaid

19th of September 2013
Brute Deluxe Rim Caddy Bundle from Rubbermaid

According to Rubbermaid its Brute Deluxe Rim Caddy Bundle is a cost effective alternative to traditional cleaning trolleys.

The bundle comprises a 167 litre Rubbermaid Brute grey container mounted on a quiet dolly. A Deluxe Rim Caddy is secured on to the top lip of the Brute to allow for storage of cleaning supplies. The time-saving advantage for the cleaner, says Rubbermaid, is that they can pick up waste and clean in one pass.

The system can be adapted to different cleaning situations. For example dual stream liners can be used to separate the collection of recyclable materials and general waste which again eliminates the need for a separate pass. The liners themselves are secured to the Brute container by two push grips, which makes tying knots unnecessary.

Three additional holders allow operators to carry multiple mop handles and brooms for dusting.


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