Germans complain about poor hygiene in public washrooms, says study

2nd of July 2024
Germans complain about poor hygiene in public washrooms, says study

Over sixty-eight per cent of washroom users in Germany are 'repeatedly disgusted' by what they find there. And 27.1 per cent only use a public washroom in an emergency. That's according to The Hagleitner Toilet Report, based on a survey commissioned by hygiene systems specialist Hagleitner.

Other key findings include:45.6 per cent of respondents reported toilet tissue is often unavailable; 56.5 per cent experience the same issue with soap; and 63 per cent frequently observe overflowing waste bins.

The study's authors also investigated potential 'disgust' factors. They specifically identified the repulsion of touching certain items. This resulted in a top-five index of contact fears. Topping the list is the toilet seat, which ranks first: 90.2 per cent find the toilet seat fundamentally repulsive, and 96.3 per cent event want it disinfected.

The toilet brush follows in second place: 79.5 per cent are horrified at the thought of touching it. The door handle ranks third, with 76.9 percent feeling the same way. 65.6 per cent are repelled by scattered hygiene articles, such as tampons, panty liners and condoms, putting those waste items in fourth place. The waste bin occupies fifth place, disgusting 53.8 per cent of respondents.

A total of 68.4 per cent of respondents are repeatedly put off when they use public restrooms - in fact 27.1 per cent only use them in emergencies.

Behavioral patterns were also analysed: 49.8 per cent of participants dispose of tampons in the toilet; 44 per cent throw away panty liners; 43.2 per cent discard pads, and 20.3 per cent dispose of condoms. Incontinence pads are disposed of by 13.9 per cent, and 12.6 per cent do so with blister packs.

The Hagleitner Toilet Report was published as a result of research carried out by Appinio on a sample of 1,000 people - 500 women and 500 men - aged 18 to 65.


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