Hygienteknik offers intelligent mopping at ISSA/INTERCLEAN

29th of June 2012

Hygienteknik claims its intelligent mopping system is one of a kind. The Activa Method Control System incorporates a micro-computer that allows the operator to choose how much liquid to use with the mop.

"The operator has five options from 20 ml to 100 ml depending on the type of floor you need to clean," said product manager Johann Storbjork.

Spray nozzles within the mop box spray the detergent into the box ready for use with the mop. The system can be used with all kinds of mops including flat mops, pocket mops, microfibre mops and pocket mops.

He adds that the patent-pending system is particularly easy to use since it only has two buttons - dose and spray. In environments where a choice of liquid levels is not required the 'intelligent' function can be switched off. And it can also be immobilised in situations where it could be abused.

"The system can reduce working hours by between five to eight per cent compared with traditional wet mopping systems, while also saving around 15,100 litres of water a year."
Storbjork says the system will be particularly useful in environments such as offices, shops and healthcare.

Tel: +46 21 10 41 00. Email: info@hygienteknik.se


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