Surge CXC 1200 from NSS dual purpose floor cleaner

1st of November 2012
Surge CXC 1200 from NSS dual purpose floor cleaner

The Surge CXC 1200 42 litre dual surface cleaning machine from NSS can be used for tile, grout cleaning and restorative carpet cleaning.

When used with the hard surface rotary tool, two 1200 psi (83 bar) streams clean away tough soils from hard floors. By turning the pressure regulator to 500 psi (34 bar) and attaching a carpet wand, it can be used for cold water carpet extraction.

Two streams of 1,200 psi (83 bar) water turn the spray bar at 1,400 rpm, providing consistent cleaning even in the grout lines, says NSS. And the hard surface tool includes a vacuum shroud that encircles the spray head allowing for thorough water recovery.

Two garden hose fittings enable auto-fill and auto-emptying of solution water, which increases productivity by eliminating operator trips to the sink.


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