Microbe Secure germ protection

20th of September 2013
Microbe Secure germ protection

Microbe Secure is a germ protection system that transforms normal surfaces into antimicrobial ones, claiming to neutralise germs long after application. The disinfectant’s antimicrobial properties last up to 30 days post application - as verified by independent test laboratories - for as long as the surface protection remains intact.

The system is completed with a patent-pending technology that verifies the treatment has taken place and is still working. An indicator strip called the Veristrip is applied to the surface - this changes colour, providing a reading of the current level of protection.

The product is said to be effective across a broad spectrum of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses.

Microbe Secure is a UK-based pharma development company and is seeking to establish a global network of service partners for the system.



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