Kärcher and Brain Corp develop robot vacuum

7th of June 2022
Kärcher and Brain Corp develop robot vacuum

Artificial intelligence specialist Brain Corp has partnered with Kärcher to develop the professional autonomous vacuum cleaner KIRA CV 60/1.

Powered by Brain’s proprietary operating system, BrainOS, KIRA CV 60/1 has been developed to vacuum buildings such as hotels, schools, airports, conference centres, offices etc. Features include lithium-ion battery; advanced cameras and sensors that constantly scan and adapt to the environment; cloud-connected AI software that continually improves navigational performance; reporting tools providing key insight into operational performance metrics; and HEPA-rated vacuum bag.

Kärcher is confident workers without any technical background will be able to manage the machine easily and achieve optimum performance thanks to its intuitive interface and teaching methodologies: Teach & Repeat and Area Fill.



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